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Botias is a luxury bridal service specialising in hair and makeup to clients worldwide.

Hair and makeup artist, Boe Wright, understands each bride has unique needs and tailors her service to the bride with an unmatched attention to detail.

Boe has specialised and provided her hair and makeup services for the past 11 years with her clientele including models, celebrities, high society and royalty.

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hair & makeup

Renowned in the wedding industry for bridal hair and makeup,
Boe travels all across the UK and overseas for her Brides.

Boe is experienced in all dress fastenings and veil placement and
she will stay with you until you walk down the aisle to ensure everything looks perfect.

Also specialising in Asian weddings, Boe has experience in Asian Bridal looks and is experienced in Dupatta setting and headpieces.

Boe is knowledgeable with all skin/hair types and tones, making sure all Brides and their bridal parties, look their very best on the day!

Bridal trials are offered at Boe's studio, in Essex - just outside London.


botias accessories

Bridal accessories including veils, robes, hair accessories, headwear & jewellery.

Known for her Hollywood waves but always creating a bespoke look, her mission is for her clients never to feel ‘samey’

with Botias

Boe offers intimate 1-2-1 training sessions at her studio near Stansted. This is ideal for those already in the industry and already trained in hair/makeup who are looking to freshen up their skills and learn the tips and tricks to grow in the industry.

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